Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wheelhouse Publishes 3 New Chapbooks

On behalf of Wheelhouse, especially co-designer of our chapbook series Gianna D'Emilio, I'm happy to announce the release of 3 new Wheelhouse Press titles:

Matina Stamatakis & John Moore Williams,  Xenomorphia

Juliet Cook,  Tongue Like a Stinger

All are available, along with other titles we've published this year, through the Wheelhouse website, here

These publications are the first in a parade, it feels, of amazing work that dedicated, interesting, people have sent us.  These works, the Wheelhouse PRESS Anthology, and the upcoming regular issue of Wheelhouse, speak to the fractured, but very much alive and urgent contemporary poetry "scene."  As all presses, Wheelhouse has its particular wants and missions.  We're interested in work that not only pushes normative definitions of what text arts is or can be, but we're also interested in work that exposes itself to, and implicates itself in what's going on, where "what's going on" becomes one among many possible sub-cultural narratives.  Which is to ask of the work that it acknowledge its potential as well as its inertness as part of while resisting capital, new colonialism, and militarism.   What strikes me again and again, however, is the sheer diversity of poetries, experimental prose--of text arts--that these demands, needs, and wants, in some way meet.  That is, the diversity of counter-narratives that explode, if even for a moment, dominant forms, that do so by working inside-outwards.  

The three works above are good examples, I think, of such diversity in contemporary poetry and poetics.  Each work is unrelenting, each developing its own poetics, at times probably imploding its own poetics as well.  

Next up, as we furiously try to meet our deadlines, is the double issue of Wheelhouse, which includes the PRESS Anthology.  Proofs have been sent to authors now, and feedback is nearing completion.  So do look out for the next double issue (see posts below) by the end of this month.  

And keep an eye out for future chapbooks, usually released 2 or 3 at a time.  Next up:

Thom Donovan
Elizabeth Kate Switaj
Felino Soriano
Laura Carter

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