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David Buuck auctions off Brandon Brown's "Dessert Storm" by Stephanie Young.
                         above: david buuck auctions off the gulf war

David Buuck Reads @ Evergreen

Tuesday Oct 6, 2009

7pm - Library Underground*

David Buuck is author of The Shunt (Palm Press, 2009), and several multi-genre booklets. He was contributing editor at Artweek (2003-2009) and co-founder and co-editor of Tripwire, a poetics journal (1998-2004).  He is founder of BARGE, the Bay Area Research Group in Enviro-aesthetics. His performances, readings, and installations have been shown throughout throughout the United States.   Buuck currently teaches writing and is a freelance editor and critic.

For BARGE Updates, click here.

*This is a PRESS Event, Co-Sponsored by Slightly West, Wheelhouse Magazine & Press, and The Evergreen State College.


David Buuck's reading / performance night is also made possible by ECONVERGENCE, a weekend of discussions & actions dedicated to social, economic, and environmental justice. Several artists, including Buuck, will be giving & performing work.  The conference is in downtown Portland.  Please come.  For your sake.  For ours.  

Kaia Sand & Jules Boykoff have organized the poetry events.  Of particular note:






Frank Sherlock & CA Conrad's PACE.  

Saturday, Oct 3rd.  

What is PACE?  From NONSITE COLLECTIVE's website:

PACE as poetics is a function of poet-activist community extension. It began thousands of years ago. It begins again and again as poets engage in guerrilla street actions, sharing with strangers in public space. These acts are “guerrilla” simply because these encounters have become unconventional methods of poetic exchange. Practitioners operate outside of the larger structures of universities, reading series, and publishing houses that function as museums of poetry. If it is to be seen as resistance today, the enemy is Mediated Life, the alienation assurance company that has flooded the culture with fraudulent policies that promise smiles through spending. 

Just as Pierre Joris refers to a nomad poetics as a hit & run war machine, PACE employs these strategies using improvised tools most suited for each situation.

                                                      The unflat

                              world somehow continues

                                                   to operate on

                                    a modular grid 

      Its architects

           are limited to reactionary

      responses despite their dominant claims 

It is not a group of member-poets to be nominated and/or expelled by committee, but a rhizomatic process that nominates and expels continually, when community extension starts and stops. At once inside and outside. States within a state. An Asger Jorn knot, appearing as “a devil's street map”, experienced with a consistency despite twisted turns. 

The poem's potential as a lo-fi economic production is what makes it an attractive form for generative community extension. While McKenzie Wark warns that “art finds itself recruited into the prototyping of fascinating consumables”, it's true that poetry is the least commodifiable of art forms. A certain  American talk-poet believes this is so because poetry is like gay marriage... no one knows what it really is. That's fine. The culturally fatigued could use a little sorcery.  

The old social order operates in secret locations and tyrannical states with almost no press (Press? What press?) since the days of '99. There are opportunities to communicate between Miami Models and Minneapolis Eights in creative ways, with human interactions that remain free of commercial interruption. There are poems, discussions, and drifts of random encounters that exist as a co-created experience.  

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