Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 Features: PhillySound, Dialogue's End, & Joe Milford Poetry Show

A HUGE thanks to all who contributed to CA Conrad's
PhillySound feature on my new work--Occultations (Black Radish Books) as well as Hospitalogy (in progress). Thoughtful/beautiful questions from Conrad, community commentary on the book (mini-reviews & reflections) collected from Rob Halpern, Benda Iijima, J. Townsend, Thom Donovan, & Jules Boykoff. Thank you, Conrad! Thank you Rob, Brenda, Thom, Jules, and Jamie! Check it out, & spread the word! :



Also, Emily Carr and I interviewed one another and reviewed one another's new books: Occultations, and Emily's beautiful, haunting, spare Directions for Flying (Furniture Press). This is poet and editor of Furniture Press Christophe Casamassima's poetics journal, The Dialogue's End. Thanks largely to Emily, our feature is itself performative, extends beyond one-another's books into performative, political, gendered, and other poetic/aesthetic waters. The first installment, gorgeously executed, also is rich in extra-authorial foci, teams up Marthe Reed and Chris McCreary--Reed's eviscerating Gaze and McCreary's Undone: a fakebook, one of my favorite books out this year:



Last, but certainly not least, poetry stalwart (and fine poet) Joe Milford just hosted me for a live reading and interview yesterday, now downloadable thru the Joe Milford Poetry Show's archives. Joe and I talk about Occultations, Stevens, H.D., militarism, surveillance culture, and quite a bit more. Enjoy. And again, spread the word!



Please, again, support the small presses and indy authors by downloading the inter(re)views. And perchance, ordering one or more of these books!


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