Thursday, April 2, 2009

Currently on the Roller

So many wonderful projects about to hit the drying rack, via Wheelhouse Magazine & Press and free agency -

Reviewing forthcoming book by Joel Chace - oh so good, as usual unusual.

Writing a BlazeVox blurb for a forthcoming book by upcoming poet, also Wheelhouse contributor, Jessica Baron. For now: an exquisite use of negative space & rehearsals of its (and the other's) mourning. Rehearsal here becomes a mourning of the ineffability of "to mourn, the act of."

2 new chaps forthcoming from Wheelhouse Press - from Juliet Cook and Thom Donnovan, respectively. Can't go wrong there. Unless our cover designs suck so much that they threaten to drain some of the life out of these hot, textual underthings.

Is it possible to have more fun? Details soon. Remember: the teaser is luscious.

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