Friday, April 24, 2009

Some Ideas Generated So Far in Experiments In Text (student quotes & paraphrases)

1) Why do poets dislike language? Poets dislike language.

2) The altered book: a violent exploration of the (violent) reading process

3) Movement on the page: like a musical score or like music? A difference?

4) The recipe is most often the stationary command to move in a set, ordered, way

5) Nelson (the UDP book): the dissolve of 1 particular history / 1 particular author

6) Gardner's altered book is more a critique/attempted erasure of its found materials

7) The meaning, where's the meaning? Especially in the altered book: what does it matter, in certain cases, what book you choose?

8) Attempted generation of otherness in the writing process using certain procedures and prompts: perhaps this is performing text, or that is the outcome, but the unearthing of otherness or the "alterior selves" is an illusion. We cannot escape our histories, our (imposed) identities.

9) The problem of the found work: is Osman's argument dialectical or one-sided. In the end are found materials that use the language of mass media, appropriate these materials, doomed to perpetuate the schema of mass culture? Do they always necessarily add to the excess? Is being American one reason these images and tropes and procedures "attractive"? (Vecunia). Or are we able in some small way to investigate and deconstruct the spectacles around us by appropriating the languages that appropriate us every day? (No firm conclusion in class or in the reading...)

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