Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Pre-script: One of the most important (and by "important" I mean honest, full, and resistant and lovingly so) conversations about the use value of poetry, and the stakes of being HUMAN, that I've come across online--it's up at PhillySound.  A conversation between CA Conrad and Dale Smith.  Rarely do I find an online conversation to be intimate, or "life-giving."  Let's face it: all this blogging is usually a bunch of bullshit if it isn't something for which this artifice SHOULD have been designed: alerts to people about interesting things.  Anyway.  Please read.


So, I'd meant to do this earlier here, but, hardly at the computer as of late for myriad reasons...  

For those of you who were not able to get to EconVergence (judging by the size of the crowd, most of you at least on the west coast did), there are a couple of places where you can go for some fairly thorough write ups.  I'll say here that Jules Boykoff and Kaia Sand did an incredible job working poetry into the conference--from the main reading event to some amazing panels--and so my deep thanks to them for their hard work seeing that EconVergence was just that much more vibrant.  And the conference as a whole, as far as I could tell (with so many things going on and so little time to be able do anything other than catch glimpses) was energized and energizing, with most reports coming back as extremely positive--a good, important start for an integrated reup of left activism in the region and beyond.  

Go here, to Nonsite Collective for my write up, and write ups from others, including Kaia Sand, Rob Halpern, and David Buuck.  Nonsite's blog is set up as interactive and self-organizing, and the write ups are meant as jumping off points for further discussion, especially as EconVergence relates to larger discussions on the difficulties bringing "activists" and "artists" (so-called) together in non-traditional ways.  

(For below, in both cases you'll have to scroll down a bit--or, as recommended, read the newer stuff first as you work your way to the discussions!)

Go here, to PhillySound, for a wonderful discussion (recursive interview style) between Frank Sherlock and CA Conrad, who cover their experience of EconVergence (and wow: they seemed to have gone to as many panels, workshops, etc as anyone at the conference).

Doubtless there are other places online one can find coverage of the work being done at EconVergence as well as the work that has come out of it.  Important conversations insofar as we have a lot of work to do.

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