Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wheelhouse Magazine & Press #9, Forth. Chapbooks

The Winter/Spring Issue of Wheelhouse (#9) is being worked on now; we're in the process of deciding on which pieces sent to us--out of so many wonderful works--will appear in this issue. Since we decide on a rolling basis, via in-person meetings & input from contributors, it takes us awhile to build an aesthetic scaffold based upon which pieces we think are both individually fantastic, as well as fitting (often via creating dissonance) for the issue.  Here is a partial list of contributors: 

Rachel Zolf - essay
Ann Gorrick - poems
Julian Brolaski - poems
Michael Leong - poems
Paul Siegall - poems
Maika Pollack - prose
Donald Dunbar - poems
William Allegrezza - poems
Cami Park - poems
Ben Friedlander - poems
Barbara Jane Reyes - poems & essay 

There will be several more contributors as we continue to shape this issue.  If you've submitted work in the past 3 months & haven't heard from us, this means we're still working thru yr submission, & we'll be contacting you soon. 

We plan to release the issue in December, around the time we release upcoming chapbooks from Elizabeth Kate Switaj, Felino Soriano, Stan Apps, Laura Carter, Ed Baker, and Uche Nduka. 

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