Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Work in Elective Affinities Anthology

A huge thanks to Carlos Soto-Roman, New Philadelphia Poet, and curator of the American part of the multi-national (not "multinational") rhizomatic anthology of contemporary poetry, Elective Affinities. 

He's just published a selection of my work, with work of other poets forthcoming in the next several weeks. 

So I'm very thankful to Carlos for curating this project, and for continuing to work on fixing the inevitable formatting glitches (poems as they are now - those awkward brackets & bullet points - will be fixed in the next few days, he tells me), tho if I were him I'd tell me to suck it up.  Carlos agreed to curate my poems, which nearly all playing with page and lineation, are a fucking headache for anyone to format online.  I gave Linh Dinh a major headache with some poems not long ago for his journal The Lower Half, and here again I'm probably more trouble than I'm worth.  

So too, I'm touched & honored that Thom Donovan elected to put me down as one of his contemporary affinities; I would certainly have done the same had he not beaten me to the punch.  

A very cool project, whereby poets are invited by Carlos based on their being named one of another poet's "contemporary affinities." Hence they are invited by other poets. Along with stating one's affinities (damn hard I must say, not to go on and on, and in order to stop from doing that I stuck to poets who were not yet represented and whose contact info I had, tho forgot to add Laura Elrick), one is also asked to give a short statement of one's poetics.  

Do check out the growing (weekly) anthology.  But also check out the websites of participating, thus counterpart, countries.  Some beautiful work, such as the lyrical, yet politically inflected poems from Chilean poet Ingrid Odgers Toloza, from "Codigo"

"Animalia/...Of the sent to the sense on the tongue.../I forage/In the eye of the rotunda/I forage in these sewers and suburbs"

Excuse my shitty translation.  The poem reads beautifully in a fragmentary & dystpoian way in Spanish.  As do so many others (does anyone reading this read Italian?), so look around, come back to it and take your time--it's really a pleasure to be able to experience new writing from places other than this country, poets who you might not run into otherwise.

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