Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Trilogy of Quick Notes

Regarding the post below, that of the new Otoliths coming out (the e-edition), well, it came out sooner than I thought it would, with new work from many poets, some older work by me, as well as one piece from Prefab Eulogies.  Again, many thanks to Mark Young, amazing and tireless editor.  The journal will also be available in print in the coming weeks (also in two installments).  From Mark:

Otoliths rounds out its fourth year with another issue that maintains the journal's reputation for excellent offerings across a variety of disciplines & styles. Included in issue sixteen, the southern summer 2010 issue, is work from Thomas Fink, Satu Kaikkonen,  Nate Pritts, Jane A. Lewty, Craig Foltz, Michael Basinski, Stephen C. Middleton, Márton Koppány, Arpine Konyalian Grenier,  Raymond Farr, Jeff Crouch & Sheila E. Murphy, Joel Chace, Caleb Puckett, Philip Byron Oakes, Ed Baker, Tom Beckett interviewing William Allegrezza, William Allegrezza, dan raphael, Alyson Torns, Jeff Harrison, Grzegorz Wróblewski, Michele Leggott, PD Mallamo, Ray Craig, Mark Cunningham, Cecelia Chapman, David-Baptiste Chirot, Vernon Frazer, Helen White & Jeff Crouch, James Yeary, Robert Lee Brewer, Michael Brandonisio, J. D. Nelson, Scott Metz, Geof Huth, Corey Wakeling, John M. Bennett & Thomas M. Cassidy, Sheila E. Murphy & John M. Bennett, John M. Bennett, Rebecca Mertz, Felino Soriano, Cath Vidler, David Wolach, Carlyle Baker, Stu Hatton, Jenny Enochsson, Robert Gauldie, Rebecca Eddy, Joe Balaz,  Bobbi Lurie, Andrew Topel & Márton Koppány, Hugh Tribbey, John Martone, J. Gordon Faylor, Evan Harrison, A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz, Bob Heman, Guillermo Castro, & sean burn. 


Just noticed that Jesse Morse and Allison Cobb will be reading for the Spare Room Series in Portland Feb 7.  I idiotically missed Kyle Schelsinger, Charles Alexander, and Joel Bettridge, which having heard Charles and Joel read before, and knowing Kyle's work quite well, I know would have been a stellar night.  Damn, I was in Detroit of all places, tho didn't know these 3 were reading regardless.  Well, I hope to be able to get away from the teaching cycle for a night to hear Morse and Cobb, two fantastic poets.  For details on the upcoming readings, work from Kyle, Charles, & Joel, and more, visit Spare Room here. 


More on our first winter PRESS event, readings/workshops from Jules Boykoff & Kaia Sand soon-- as soon as Elizabeth Williamson gets back to me with some of the student workshop images...

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