Thursday, April 29, 2010

Essay On Elrick & The Poetics of Spatial Practice Now Up At Jacket 40

Laura Elrick

My essay on Laura Elrick's Stalk and the Poetics of Spatial Practice is now up at Jacket. 

Jacket 40, which is just now going live, has some really beautiful content. There is a growing & very interesting feature on Richard Berengarten. 

Rob Halpern and others have some fascinating, really important pieces on Bob Perelman's work in Jacket 39, the feature edited by the awesome Kristen Gallagher. Other noteworthy articles (that I've looked at so far) are poems from Crow by Ron Silliman, and within the Silliman feature, a couple great articles each by Dale Smith and Andy Gricevich.  Haven't yet gotten to the Armantrout section, a set of reviews, but very much looking forward to that as up-next.


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