Sunday, March 6, 2011

Notes from Wisconsin's Streets @ Montevidayo

A really uplifting dispatch from Wisconsin by Brenda Cardenas. After you go to the AFL-CIO or the Working Families Party and hook into the nationwide rallies and/or petitions, check out the rest of this piece. From Cardenas (at Montevidayo):

"In the past several weeks, I’ve made about six trips to the Madison Capitol to protest Walker’s “budget dis-repair bill” and biennial budget. On the first trip, I found myself among 10 or 15,000 others. By day three, the crowd had swelled to 30,000 who were flooding the elevators, hallways, and stairwells to the third floor, trying to out shout any possible Senate vote when, in a surreal moment, thousands of “Shhhhh’s” flew across the rotunda like a flock of swallows. Then the news that the 14 Democrats had fled the state to prohibit the corrupt vote. The roar that followed erupted louder than any I’ve ever heard at any concert or sporting event, even those filling stadiums, perhaps because it was a desperate roar, one born of ransacked hopes and hearts." 

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