Monday, March 21, 2011

Seeds in Cars & Houses

for Brenda Iijima

Frame|d milk on brown
Oval ply|wood o monu
Meant.  Pour moi poor
Moi pic’d the doors

Jam|ed the hole|d
Spaces in me say and
Say for stay|ed
Wood.                         Ward.                         Ave.

Cars enshrine|d the yearly
The early drive slow|ed
To see the grammar of engines
Post-Fordian             low hum names a
Time|d for skill|ed death these
Scratches            [escratches]

Never snapp|ed shots
Like the eye this is,
Drinks some re verbs
This statue|d can I talk
To a 74 chevy novas

Imagine|d registers
The monetary value
Of my mother said
Stead.                        Read.                        Drink

Up before the sun
Comes unhinge|d
For strong bones
To with|stand to cup
The shear of History

Pavements a bust of pre
The ave|s sponsors
In|stalled a deadhouse
After house says xe says
Frame|d how each

Mile we drove we
Drive stands in
For a future             WORD
Speed  ometer reads us
Crystalline, milk|ed still.              Sill.                        Steel.

Comp in
The margins  
Log of names a chasse
What writes itself
A question comes apart

Slows as pour|ed us may
Be back fires burn
Outs in wait for shows:            what

Rises to the surface is
All ways has been            a             has
Been in the interval?

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