Saturday, February 20, 2010

95cent Skool Update

From Juliana and Joshua, a good little push for those of you interested--and I know some of you, students of mine and colleagues, are interested.  Sign up today as this gets rolling.  Info below:

Subject: from Juliana and Joshua

Dear All: we are going to start the process of filling as many spots as possible for this summer's 95cent skool seminar. It will take a couple steps because of managing multiple mailing lists. 

If (a) you would like to participate in the seminar but have not yet sent a note expressing interest to the address
...or if (b) you have sent a message of interest and not gotten a note back — could you please send a note shortly? That will consolidate into one mailing list, at which point we will confirm everybody's availability from that list, and have a lottery. 

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