Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Julian Brolaski / Elective Affinities

New work by Julian Brolaski appears in Elective Affinites this week, along with a host of other poets and their works, some of the poets I very much admire for their writing AND the way they treat other people (where the two are at least contiguous).  Brolaski's work will also be featured in the forthcoming issue of Wheelhouse, Issue 9, to be published asap - proofs now being uploaded and sent to contributors.  Do check out Brolaski's new work, as some of it is from a forthcoming Ugly Duckling Presse book--very exciting.  During the time I've been away from Elective Affinities, Jamie Townsend (always a treat) and Laura Jaramilio have featured work.  It's my first time reading Jaramilio's work, actually--and it's very good.  These additions, remember, are only from the American contributors.  There are several other countries participating, so do check those sites out as well as this rhizomatic anthologies grows.

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