Thursday, February 11, 2010

Occultations Book Release / Belladonna Series

Occultations, the full-length book of poems that I've been working on for the past 3 years, is entering the home stretch, now being edited and typeset.  Here's a mock-up of the cover, courtesy of Black Radish Books, with obviously some things not yet finished--blurbs not done, etc.  I'm not sure whether I'll be sticking with the cover, either.  So, maybe the thing will be bright pink and yellow with lots of pictures of dancing farm animals?  You never know.

Meantime, many thanks to Rachel Levitsky (whose incredible book Neighbor I've been writing on in relation to a poetics of spatial practice) and all the folks at Belladonna Books, as well as Thom Donovan, who has been tremendously supportive of Occultations, and of me, for putting myself and Eleni Stecopolous on the docket for a Belladonna New Books/New Presses Series reading at Dixon in NYC on April 13.  Eleni's new book is Armies of Compassion, out from Palm Press, and is--I can attest, as I've heard/read a good chunk of it--extraordinarily good.  So the reading, even if you hate my poetry, will be good. 

Official announcement coming soon, both here, at Belladonna, and elsewhere, but for now, if you're in the NYC area April 13, please join us.   I'll have not just my book, but another title from Black Radish Books, Marthe Reed's Gaze, with me. Gaze, as I posted before, is a beautiful book.  It should be a fun evening.  I'm happy to have learned that I'll be catching up with a lot of old friends, as well as new friends, various poets and editors out of Black Radish and other presses who have recently contacted.  So, a huge thanks again to Belladonna, Thom, and everyone who works on this series.   

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