Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back Work Thanks

So busy lately, with end of semester, health downturn, and with personal things that are, well, personal, I haven't had the chance to catch up on correspondence, Wheelhouse, critical writing projects, etc. Never mind poetry. But.

Stay tuned for info regarding our last PRESS Literary-Politics Series event of the academic year, a reading/discussion by David Abel & Chris Daniels. Both will be reading at Evergreen on May 27, 8pm. Next year starts up with visits by Rachel Zolf and Eleni Stecopolous, and I'm hoping, too, that Maryrose Larkin will be able join us for a fall 2010 event. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Meantime, if in or around Olympia WA on May 27, do make room on yr schedule for Chris and David. Flier will be uploaded here in the next day or so.

Two quick notes of thanks: to the folks at New Pages who listed a review copy of Occultations as New & Noteworthy in their latest issue; and to Anne Gorrick, The Cadmium Text Series, and everyone who is building the 20th annual Subterranean Poetry Festival - for inviting me to be one of the readers for this landmark event. Upstate NY needs to be given more poetic street cred. Countless hot poets in them there woods.

I'll soon be posting here my schedule of upcoming readings, as I'm now trying to pull said schedule together with Occultations about to be officially released (next week). So, stay tuned. Meantime, the Subterranean Poetry Festival should be great fun. The lineup includes several poets I greatly admire, and to think the artist list is still being worked on. Here's the current info:

August 28, 2010
20th Annual Subterranean Poetry Festival
with Cara Benson, Steve Cotten, Geof Huth, Maryrose Larkin with Eric Matchett, Lori Anderson Moseman, Richard Rizzi, Wayne Montecalvo, R. Dionysius Whiteurs and David Wolach (additional artists TBA)

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