Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Make Believe Reviewed, Talk Now Online &

Thom Donovan's Make Believe, from Wheelhouse Press (2009) and Juliet Cook's Tongue Like a Stinger (2009) have been reviewed by Julie Ewald in  the new issue of Galatea Resurrects (No. 14). Thanks much to Ewald and to Eileen Tabios for featuring the work. Of course I'm excited about this, not just because we published the book, but because I think both Make Believe and Tongue Like a Stinger deserve critical attention no matter. Glad GR and Ewald thought likewise. Great reviews, so do read it!

And this is a good place to remind readers that Wheelhouse's new chapbook, Tracers by Uche Nduka, is hot off the presses (or hot off the, er, html encoding?).  This book will kick yr ass too. Read it as freely downloadable e-book at Wheelhouse.


The course/program I'm teaching at The Evergreen State College on performative poetries (guerilla poetry, poets theater) and the politics of language has just gone live with a web journal devoted to individual and collaborative work.  As content goes online, check it out. 


Rodrigo Toscano's super solid "to become super solid" (video poem) here. From the new press of Latino writing, Breach. 


William Owen & Pilot Books have now uploaded excerpts of the talk Reg Johanson and I gave for Big Belt Talkie Series / Poetry @ Pilot in March Small Press Fest. The talk is catalogued alongside others as a growing archive of commissioned poets talks & readings. They team up again for another Big Pelt Talkie Series event, this time hosting wonderful poets Sam Lohmann, Chris Daniels, and David Abel. Abel is headed to Evergreen for a PRESS Event (reading & workshop) later this month.  Do try to make these talks if in or around Seattle--the discussions afterwards are really dynamic, thorough, & not "Q&A" style as one might find with so many readings or panel discussions. Here's the invite:

Chris Daniels & David Abel & Sam Lohmann
219 broadway ave e (upstairs)
Big Pelt Talkies are a series of readings and commissioned essays by poets. No villiage explainers.
Now in three phases.
Videodocs of Reg Johanson & David Wolach blogspotted: HERE

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