Monday, May 10, 2010

Reliquarium / SPT fundraiser

From Robin Tremblay-McGaw of XPoetics & many other things. Do support SPT. How could you not when they've procured, for mutual benefit, a tear-stained handkerchief by Lemony Snicket? 

On Saturday, May 22nd, SPT is about to host a new, mysterious and exciting event:  It's called Reliquarium and will feature an auction of reliquary objects representing the artistic DNA of the smart and famous. You'll be able to bid on UNIQUE items such as:
  • a hat worn by JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
  • eyeglasses worn by JONATHAN LETHEM
  • a tear-stained handkerchief by LEMONY SNICKET
  • original corrected galley proof of All the Whiskey in Heaven by CHARLES BERNSTEIN
  • a dream journal by JULIANA SPAHR
  • a skydiving outfit worn by BHANU KAPIL
  • a shadow box of used pill bottles by DONNA DE LA PERRIERE
  • a handwritten journal filled in at his grandmother's house by ANSELM BERRIGAN
  • Leg pendant from Catedral Metropolitana de la Asuncia de Mara in Mexico City worn around after FRANK SHERLOCK's 2007 emergency knee surgery, due to meningitis
  • the totally un-authenticated upper third molar tooth of GERTRUDE STEIN 

 The Reliquarium will take place Saturday, May 22nd at the:
Graduate Writing Studio
195 deHaro Street
San Francisco, CA 94107 US
The entrance fee of $20 includes beverages and nibbles graciously provided by Thirsty Bear Brewing Company.
Do you live too far away to make the event? Is your social calendar already full? You can STILL help keep SPT afloat. As a board member , part of my job is to help bring in the bacon or the tofurkey. This means I need to raise some money. So I'm writing to ask you to buy a ticket or to make a contribution in any amount. Can you help? It is easy. Just visit PAYPAL at and make a secure and easy contribution. First, you'll need to take one minute to set up a securePayPal account if you don't already have one. Then, log into your paypal account and select the "send money" tab and put in the "TO" recipient field and make a contribution in any amount. To indicate that you are contributing based on this email, you can include "RTM" in the note field.
No contribution is too small. Really!

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