Sunday, February 27, 2011


Despite the hostile corporate takeovers that have led to layoffs, mergers, and bad news -- the plague that has swept thru just about every locality in this country--there is something still alive in the newspaper trade (and it ain't my laid-off grandpa). It is what comes from the hard work of editors such as B.T. Shaw, who, rather miraculously, is the POETRY editor of the Oregon daily The Oregonian. And a talented poet I might add. I sent her some poems awhile back, after both of us read with Rachel Zolf for the Tangent Series, and this weekend she featured a poem from Hospitalogy. I've grown to understand how hard-working B.T. is in holding down the fort and providing a space for new poetry in a daily paper. My thanks to B.T. and the rest of the poetry staff for printing the piece and also providing it online--do look at past contributors' work, diverse work from poets in the Northwest and beyond.

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