Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Postscript: Movement, Somatics, Writing--

[POSTSCRIPT regarding links narrating the symposium: another intense entry from Bhanu Kapil is here. I'm drawn to her question, or the problem, of "knowledge-based" somatic practices. Power & power. & assertion. & place. 29 degrees & 1 ft of snow on the ground... off to class, a term I use & dislike intensely. On the "transgressive" body & somatic practices/bodywork. & Writing. In some ways redundant these terms we use. In other ways immeshed in conflict, contorting the presence of human touch. To archive like that. Why do we do it? To testify trans-port has colonial roots, perhaps... Re Rob's gorgeous proposition: My organelles, I can feel them, the breath truncated when transported by another's intimate gesture of "here" - mitochondrial DNA deletion. My body is on the outside of my body. Always living on borrowed social time. Is this becoming in constant meditation? A kind of knowledge? To have written this, also redundant, deadened too. In both senses...]

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