Monday, February 21, 2011

SPT Audio File, from Occultations

For anyone interested, here's the audio composition I composed for SPT; it was one of two I performed during the evening, layered by live reading. It's a google-docs downloadable file, compatible with i-tunes (it is an i-tunes file).  An old file name accompanies it, so to hear "modular arterial cacophony walling 1" click "download" on the file named "BelladonnaLiveReadingNew." One of the channels--whispered leaked CIA documents outlining torture of detainees--was played for the release of the book, back when I first began composing this sound piece, the reading sponsored then by The Belladonna Series in New York. Thus the old file name. Specs on this piece (4:50), now finished, beyond that channel, are:

Channel 1: whispered leaked Bybee Memorandum, 2008 (courtesy of WikiLeaks)
Channel 2: Sine-Function re-composition of Brun's I Told You So (a work based on this piece that I re-composed using different software)
Channel 3: Sine-Function computer composition, "Wave," David Wolach 2010-11.
Channel 4: Recorded excerpts, "modular arterial cacophony," from Occultations

Ideal way to listen is volume on max, with earphones, reading parts of the book's section of the same title. The live reading includes taking up the walling stress position (examples found in Appendix M, CIA Interrogations Manual) for the duration. Enjoy.

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