Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chax Press Nees Your Help

Chax, one of the most innovative poetry presses, and one of the few that does large and small scale letterpress work, is doing well, and can do even better by getting some donations from you. As Charles Alexander, editor of Chax, puts it:

"The first steps we must take this year are to secure the full-time attention and salary of the Executive Director and hire an assistant. As we begin our work toward our new goals, we are being assisted by an experienced, successful organizational development consultant. One of our important commitments to an enduring future is to fund such a consultant to help us grow in a sustainable manner. As our activities become more regular and the Executive Director’s time is devoted to artistic direction, fine art book production, and long-range vision, we will also add a marketing/book sales and fundraising coordinator. In addition, we plan to expand our current Youth Education Programs (school projects in our studio, residencies in schools) and hire a Youth Programs Coordinator."

If you have at least $25, help them out. It's worth every penny, with incredible authors published in beautiful additions (Elizabeth Treadwell, Linh Dinh, etc). Info below.

David, Editor of Wheelhouse Magazine & Press

Chax Press is a 501(c)(3) charitable arts organization, and your donation is fully tax deductible.

Ways to donate:
1. Send us a check in the mail, to Chax Press, 411 N 7th Ave Ste 103, Tucson, AZ 85705-8388
2. Go to the “donate” page on our web site: http://chax.org/donate.htm
3. Go to your own Paypal account, and have a payment sent to us; you may even be able to arrange for regular monthly payments, to make this easy for you. Just $8 per month adds up to a $96 annual gift that helps immensely.
4. If you practice online banking, arrange through your online payment service for a gift to be sent to us. You can also arrange in this way to make a regular monthly or quarterly contribution.

charles alexander
chax press
411 N 7th ave, suite 103
tucson arizona 85705
520 620 1626

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