Thursday, May 21, 2009

Read and Review My New Expectoration?

Given how much time we all have these days, it stands to reason that you'd go check out my new book, a chapbook (book alter (ed), ungovernable press, 2009) derived from my forthcoming full-length book (occultations, forth. 2010). Hey, one of the links gets you to good reads, where most of book alter (ed) is available for free download (thanks, Lars Palm). I'd love a review - not because I love Good Reads - but it'd be cool to have some friends and colleagues' thoughts on the work that I could use later for the back of the book and the press's website. Plus, for me writing is a dialogic process. I included links to other work recently expectorated. Feel free to check those out - good chunk of another book through BlazeVOX, and a small collection through Counterexample Poetry & Poetics. On the Good Reads: you need not join to download & write a blurb. Hell, you can even send me a blub. But C'mon, I know where you live: Earth. Some of you. Many thanks ahead of time!:

book alter(ed)
ungovernable press

Prefab Eulogies 1: Nothings Houses, & other work

(Forthcoming this week)Featured work from forthcoming books, other projects
Counterexample Poetry & Poetics

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