Friday, May 15, 2009

shameLESS self-proMOTION, as PROmised

IMAGE: riverfire1, from occultations

So, it turns out that when I thought I was sending many of you the link to the pdf version of my new book, I was actually sending you an invitation to join Good Reads. Posthuman, perhaps. Getting used to that, yes. Turns out there was ANOTHER BUTTON I should have pressed. So, first, apologies - if and only if you don't want to compare bookshelves. If you do, which it turns out that I kinda do, well, I'm not sorry. As you will note, I have read, and given many a star, to Erica Kaufman's new Censory Impulse. And as you will note, I am reading now Leonard Schwartz's new title, which will undoubtedly get many a star. In the process, too, a lovely poet gave my book many a star, and in addition--yes, there is more!--I am finding that several friends with whom I have not spoken in quite some time are on Good Reads, and thus have used this strange etherworld as a way to say hello. So, hello to you most likely forthcoming.

Now, as for the shameLESS self-promotion, please do check out the new work below. If not for me, then certainly to support the small press editors who have worked with me to get these titles into your hands or eyeballs. A very big thanks needs go out to Lars Palm of ungovernable press, Felino Soriano of Counterexample Poetry & Poetics, and Geoffrey Gatza of BlazeVOX. Lars, for publishing my book alter (ed), part of the full-length occultations, and Geoffrey for publishing a selection of work, including the mini-e-chap, a good chunk of the chapbook, one of three, Prefab Eulogies 1: Nothings Houses. And, Felino, for publishing in the next few days a heavy dose of poems, from different projects, as part of Counterexample's "Featured Poets" section--I get a feature page!!! Again, thanks much for the hard work these three hardworking editors put in - all of them formatting work that is hard to handle, both in print and online. I am, it seems, difficult. And these editors handled me with kindness and seeming ease. Enjoy (warning, more to come - I seem to be a vomit machine at the moment, after years of sitting on my excesses and not submitting my work anyplace).

book alter(ed)
ungovernable press

Prefab Eulogies 1: Nothings Houses, & other work


(Forthcoming this week)Featured work from forthcoming books, other projects
Counterexample Poetry & Poetics

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