Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Book from Ungovernable Press / New Work from BlazeVox , Fact-Simile, & Counterexample Poetry & Poetics

Dear All,

Just a brief update on my (which is to say "our") output. Occasionally I generate poems under the name "David Wolach" (sometimes others - it's a fun game, try it!) as extension of the usual - editing & teaching. Please support the small presses and check out my new book, book alter (ed) from Ungovernable Press (with reviews on the e-version up at Good Reads), as well as the new fabulous work by a diverse cadre of poets thanks to the editors of the fine the journals/presses below. Also, look out for forthcoming work that I hear is just round the corner - from Dusie, Eklesographia: An Imprint of Ahadada Books, Venereal Kittens, and 5_Trope. And my first full-length collection, occultations, from the new poetry press/artist book collective, Black Radish, which includes Dusie authors, Bruce Covey of Coconut, and artists in residence at DADA HOUSE (more on this in a separate post).Thanks much to the editors! And more expectoration from me soon - been saving it for a rainy day.

New chapbook from Lars Palm's Ungovernable Press, book alter (ed) - through Good Reads.

Cycle of work from Prefab Eulogies and Living Rooms, BlazeVOX - a ton of good poets/poems

Fact-Simile 2.1 - Spring/Summer 2009

Interview with
Kristin Prevallet

New work by:

J. Townsend
Michael Leong
Anselm Parlatore
Kevin Kilroy
Andrew K. Peterson
Rosmarie Waldrop
Jefferson Navicky
Marie Larson
David Wolach
Serena Rose Chopra
Robert Roley
Donald Illich
Andrew Lundwall
Ashe Middleton
Joseph Harrington
Sara Nolan
Susan Lewis
Reed Bye
Nick Demske
Craig Rebele

Featured Poet Page/E-Chap, B Sides, sampling of work from projects in progress / works that are not included in the final versions of these book projects (a lovely idea poet and editor Felino Soriano approached me with). Cover image by Michael Wolach. Enjoy: Couterexample Poetry & Poetics

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