Friday, August 28, 2009

Where's Wolach Been? Language & Thinking 2009

Photo: Team Thinking in 1st annual Language vs. Thinking Whiffle Ball Game.  Featured: Kythe Heller, David Wolach, Marie Reagan, Stephen Cope, Becca Chace, Tim Casey, Thom "the flasher" Donovan.  Not featured: Peter Tranchtenberg, our lovely 3rd baseman, who ran off to meet with students before end of the game, tied 7-7.  Also not featured: team Language, who are too lame to be featured.

Some of you probably didn't wonder: where's David been?  If you called, or emailed, or you spent hours day after day pondering where I've been--short answer: teaching another year in Bard's Language & Thinking program.  

It was another year of incredible faculty solidarity, forming deep connections and reconnections, and, of course having regular epiphanies in the classroom, co-learning with a great group of students.  Our faculty's collective sense of wonder, and our constant care for one another, is extraordinarily rare.  It's born of a collaborative, interdisciplinary spirit, of empathy, emergent love.  I think we're all aware that this unique constellation of crazy artists in the woods, and the extraordinary ways in which we interact, is very much due, in part, to Joan Retallack's bringing us together in the first place, allowing the wildness and risk to be part of the pedagogy.  

Our workshop (our class), I already miss.  The students that I learned from and with (in no particular order), I owe them many things, not least of which my deepest gratitude: Matt, Alexia, Sophie, Caroline, Minghan, Catherine, Raygun, Ethan, Kristin, Owen, Keaton, Kerk, Iliana, and Mihir.  Now, exhausted, back in NYC before flying off to the West Coast, I have nothing but lovely memories, and a shitload of photos to share.  So, indulge me.  Take a look.  My flickr photos above.  Other (better) photos below.

photos by Catherine Talyor

--Monday evening's faculty reading, in honor of Joan Retallack
photos by Lily Gruton-Wachter

photos by Lilly Gurton-Wachter

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