Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New PRESS Anthology - Small Press News

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, though with travel to New York and a syllabus to finish, not to mention putting the final touches on and publishing the new Wheelhouse Magazine and PRESS Anthology, I've had no time.  So, apologies to the wonderful Susana Gardner in being late mentioning that the New Dusie Press anthology of wee chapbooks is now online, a downloadable pdf, a veritable tapas of incredible work.  As I wrote a few days ago elsewhere: 

Susana Gardner & Dusie Press have collected a truly extraordinary cross-section of work from contemporary poets &... As a celebration (?) of its own demise in favor of new text-arts projects, this "last of its kind" Dusie, #8 develops narratives & counter-narratives within its pages, performing that delightfully playful implosion via diversity of language-archeology befitting of its "what's next-ness." 

A huge thank you to Susana & Dusie Press. As always, the work excites, the project enormous, & the design work gorgeous - viz. book arts, as usual for Dusie, exploring on its own terms the possibilities & limitations of the electronic artist book.

Do check out the book here.  Amazing work from Andrew Zawacki, Brenda Coultas, among many, many others.

Also, many thanks to Daby Larson of Abjective.  He's published a poem of mine, "Stanley Fish Poked Me On Facebook," as this week's installment.  If you haven't checked out Abjective yet, I suggest you do so.  The work there is diverse and often very good.  I also love the format.  Not completely dissimilar from Reb Livingston's No Tell Motel, Abjective features one author per issue, in this case one author per Saturday. 

Finally, I've fallen in love with another journal and press (new this year or last they've been publishing wonderful e-chapbooks), Little Red Leaves, edited by fantastic poet and essayist CJ Martin.  I plan to write more about this journal when I have time.  In my estimation LRL is one of the finest journals in contemporary poetry.  Where Thom Donovan & Co.'s ON is a go-to publication for essay - poets on their contemporaries, LRL s is a go-to publication that has an overlapping poetics and so serves overlapping poetic communities.  By the by, the new ON is due to come out soon, so look out for that.  Martin has an amazing essay on Rob Halpern's Disaster Suites (see older posts) in the issue, indeed one of the most incredible dialectical interchanges with a contemporary poetic text I've read.  


  1. I just came across your blog via a random row of clicks. I liked your poem at Abjective. I also liked your "story of anderson cooper" at the BluePrintReview. I blogged about it when that issue came out. Love those reading instructions! Anyway - just thought I'd write a "fan" comment. I liked the train "as slow as pleurisy" too. That line stuck in my mind.


  2. Thanks, Rose. I just came across yr lovely note. Right back at you with your work. A really good issue of BPR. Thanks again for yr kind remarks. Sorry for the late reply!