Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thom Donovan's Make Believe, Now Availabe Through Wheelhouse Press

Thom Donovan's new chapbook, Make Believe, is now available for free download here, via the Wheelhouse website, and via the Wheelhouse Press Good Reads Group Page.  Do go to Good Reads and give the work a shout-out, help spread the word.  Remember, it's largely word of mouth that gets poetry books into people's hands.

Make Believe, broken into sections, each of which explores, plays with, and critiques specific filmic tropes and conventions, jumps from these explorations as more-than-ekphrastic-springboards into the oft ignored poetic waters of belief, event, and the material conditions of our epistemological assumptions around what is public and what is private, what is use and what is using, what is other and what is othering. With the deeply thoughtful poetics and politics Donovan is known for, these poems both attack and nurse the body-as-proprioceptive-reactive becoming. And as often the case with Donovan's work, the ear is shaken first. 

Wheelhouse Press is very pleased to announce the publication of this, the ninth e-chap, in our ongoing series. Cover design by Thom Donovan, David Wolach, and Gianna D'Emilio. 

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