Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wheelhouse Magazine, special double issue - PRESS Anthology & #8 - is now live. 

Click on the PRESS cover on the Wheelhouse main page for the freely downloadable PRESS Anthology 2009, with viral forms by: Rodrigo Toscano, Kristin Prevallet, Jules Boykoff, Laura Elrick, Mark Wallace, Kaia Sand, K. Lorraine Graham, Tom Orange, Leonard Schwartz, Steven Hendricks, and several others. Cover design by Meghan McNealy.

Peruse Wheelhouse #8 as usual, by clicking on poetry, prose, essay, chapbook, etc. links at the top of the page. Wheelhouse 8 is proud to feature new viral forms from:Elizabeth Bryant, Joel Chace, Cecilia Chapman, K.R. Copeland, Ryan Daley, Thom Donovan, Emily Kendal Frey & Zachary Schomburg, Garth Graeper, Marja Hagborg, Summer Block Kumar, Dorothee Lang & Jeff Crouch, Travis Macdonald, Karen Neuberg, Deborah Poe, Nicole Steinberg, Edith Sˆdergran, (English translation by Christian Ward), Zachary Buscher, John Moore Williams, Changming Yuan, and others. Cover design by Eden Schulz and Andrew Topel.

We're in love with the work in this double issue and tremendously happy to have had the chance to gather PRESS contributors for another round, this time via publishing their work. Thanks to all the contributors. And a huge thanks to new Wheelhouse editors Lionel Lints, Meghan McNealy, and Gianna D'Emilio, who worked so hard on putting the PRESS anthology together. 

Please do check out all the new work, and if you get a chance, please also spread the word.

In Solidarity & On Behalf of The Editors,
David Wolach

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