Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review of Occultations in Tarpaulin Sky, Daily S-Press feature

I am absolutely buzzing about the time I shared with such generous people, such caring folks in the Bay Area this past weekend. Two amazing readings, a fantastic welcoming and conversation on the body and commong with Nonsite Collective's participants. I'll report on this incredibly busy and generative trip in my next post. Am gathering up my notes for Nonsite Collective (will post here and there); some images; some notes I took at the readings - David Brazil, Lindsey Boldt one evening and Rob Halpern and I another. Took home all manner of reading, including a special limited run chap from Rob Halpern's Music for Porn (more on this next post), David Brazil's chapbook (same), the new issue of Try, featuring the writers who read this weekend, plus affinities, etc. So, an IOU. Meantime, check out:

-- a really generous review of Occultations @ Tarpaulin Sky Press, review by Nicky Tiso. 

--And a feature on the book over at Daily S-Press

Thanks so much to Nicky, to the editors at TSP, and to Dorothee Lang of Daily S-Press. A fine coupla surprises to come home to upon opening up the dreaded inbox this morning. 

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