Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thank you, Clay Banes, for your (rather superhuman) work for SPD's web announcements, site work, etc. Thanks too to SPD. Occultations is now officially yours to order, read, then promptly give away... Oh, & fyi: SPD has a gigantic sale on prose books at moment, which I shall take advantage of this weekend...!

& Thanks very much to Matthew Landis, who reviewed Occultations in the latest  Jacket.

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New Poetry from Black Radish Books
David Wolach 
$15 | paper | 168 pp. 
Black Radish Books 
ISBN: 9780982573129 

Poetry. Joan Retallack writes that OCCULTATIONS
enacts the "courage of paradoxical evocation." For
David Buuck, such evocation helps us consider
that "the body-in-crisis is not some theoretical
abstraction but a lived condition, subject not only
to the 'surveillance-industrial complex' but also to the
limitations of language's ability to fully articulate 'what
work this dying is.'" In (un)mapping its state of accelerated
becoming, this (collective) body asks whether it can, through
radical re-narration of its (re)constitution by neo-liberal
capitalism and militarism, allegorize the wider catastrophic
affects these logic-systems have on an ecosystem. "Is it possible,"
asks Laura Elrick, "to construct the parameters through which the
practiced lie of control might be relinquished, through which, at the same
time,the fault-lines out of whose collisions our lives are rent might
be sense-d?" As place, the occulted recursively struggles to perform
exploratory surgery on normative valuations of its capacities, on what
is taken to be possible and what is not.

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