Saturday, July 31, 2010

What Can YOU Do In 20 Days? I Can Help Set Precedent Against Reclamation of Public Spaces

Woke up today prepared to sit down and write up my Nonsite talk notes on commoning & the body; get back to Robert Kocik, who sent me an AMAZING essay on commoning; do some prep for Bard, for which I leave in 2 days. Instead: slumlord of ours gave us 20 days notice to move out, outlined over email. I'll be 3,000 miles away, we said. I'll be unable to put down for a house if we have to move this quickly, I said. Asshole won't budge. I forget her name but will seditiously post it here--apologies for such a delay, not on a first name basis with my slumlord. Gotta run & go look at a house rental. So, instead of getting into the intricacies of ball-gag property law, that of the need to mortgage away one's body to the bank in order to escape immediate harm, thereby also giving up, via becoming the conduit for land ownership the potential to organize against long-term structural enclosure models, e.g., by giving my body over to friends (and thus another structural model), I'll leave you with this, copied from from Alli Warren's blog :

"If I should demand of the poor man of the country what thing he thinks to be the cause of Sedition, I know his answer. He would tell me that the great farmers, the graziers, the rich butchers, the men of law, the merchants, the gentlemen, the knights, the lords, and I cannot tell who; men that have no name because they are doers in all things that any gain hangs upon. Men without conscience. Men utterly void of God's fear. Yea, mean that live as though there were no God at all! Men that would have all in their own hands; men that would leave nothing for others; men that would be alone on the earth; men that be never satisfied. Cormorants, greedy gulls; yea, men that would eat up men, women, and children, are the causes of Sedition. They take our houses over our heads, they buy our grounds out of our hands, they raise our rents, they levy (yea, unreasonable) fines, they enclose our commons!"

~ Robert Crowley


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