Friday, July 16, 2010

Occultations in Big Other, Reed & McCreary in Dialogue's End

Three quick poetry news notes. First, thanks much to Michael Leong for his feature/review of Occultations over at the collective lit journal, Big Other. Check out Leong's work--a hard working & excellent poet, whose work reminds me of nobody I can think of. And diverse too--from sound & visual work to lyric... honored he took the time.


Speaking of taking the time. An EXCELLENT pair of reviews plus interview over at Christophe Cassamina's Dialogue's End.  Chris McCreary & Marthe Reed were asked to review one another's new books--Reed's Gaze & McCreary's Undone: a Fakebook--and then interview one another. The format allows for a really in-depth and open dialog, one that Chris and Marthe take full advantage of, covering all kinds of poetic & other ground. This is the first feature among several "inter(re)views," in which two presses are paired. Emily Carr and I will be up next, discussing Directions For Flying & Occultations, among other things, as part of the second installment of this first feature that pairs Black Radish Books with Furniture Press. So, go read, and look out for installment 2, appearing by end of this month.


My (unedited) sustained reflection on the body, commoning, & art practice is now up at Nonsite Collective's website. If interested in the politics of the body and/or reclamation of public space, commons, etc., take a look. This set of reflections is for a talk/discussion I'll be facilitating for the Nonsite Collective on July 25. And the talk/discussion is part of Nonsite's summer events on the commons. Elliot Anderson gave a fascinating talk on his work / Smithson's The Monuments of Silicon Valley. Michael Cross's report about this two-part discussion is on the website as well. This Sunday Thom Donovan will lead an urgent discussion on art practices, land art, property law, and commoning. If in or around SF this Sunday, do go. I wish I could be there! Well, from here, click on the link & enjoy. 

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