Friday, January 28, 2011

Announcements: Schaeppi, Brolaski, Conrad, & Donovan

1. Kathrin Schaeppi's genre-defying book Sonja Sekula: Grace In A Cow's Eye: A Memoir, is the latest title out from Black Radish Books and now available thru SPD. Published on the Black Radish Blog as of today is a 2nd reader response-review of the work, this one by Rebbecca Brown. A really good close read. Check it out.

2. Lots of exciting titles, as usual, announced as new from SPD this month--new work from Arielle Guy out of Dusie, Lisa Robertson's Soft Architecture re-released thru Coach House, etc. I'm particularly excited to see that Julian Brolaski's new UDP book is now out. This work's been coming along for some time--and ever since I heard Julian read from the work in 2009 when we were both reading for The Stain of Poetry Series, I was immediately blown away, intrigued, piqued. Copied from the SPD newsletter:

gowanus atropolis Julian T. Brolaski $15 | paper | 104 pp. Ugly Duckling Presse ISBN: 9781933254814 Poetry. LGBT Studies. GOWANUS ATROPOLIS attempts to reconcile the toxicity of the titular Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn and the east river in "Manahatta" with the poet's search for the pastoral in New York City. A queer elegy for when language might have been prior to thought, where the phrase becomes the thought, rather than the other way around—so that the dystopic might become, if not utopic, at least measurable / pleasurable, "melodious offal." "Once in a while there are poems which create entire fresh terrain. And I'm saying too that it's hard to come home from it, locator dials set anew. I'm jangling from the return, like the world had descended upon me so quickly through the poems it was some time before I realized I was still in one piece, and minted with a beautiful little scar. Julian's deviance is a hazard of poems which bend the muscle of light. I can hardly wait to share our extra strength when we've all read them!"—CAConrad. LINK→

3. NEW PRINT RUN IN THE WORKS: The last batch of the initial print-run of Occultations will be available thru SPD sometime in early Feb. (along with whatever remains from the few in stock now), so pick up yours up today--once sold out, Black Radish Books will be releasing another full print-run / edition of this, my first full-length collection of poems. I appreciate people's support of the book! Those who have gotten copies, of course. And. Many thanks to the Black Radish eds. Nicole Mauro, Marthe Reed, and Susana Gardner--they have worked so hard on the press and this book particularly, and Kate Robinson, co-designer with me of the book's internals. Many thanks too to those who have written on the book within the last 6 months of its existence: from blurbers Joan Retallack, Laura Elrick, CA Conrad, Thom Donovan, and David Buuck, to the several folks who have so far written some really insightful, generous reviews--Matthew Landis for Jacket 40; Rob Halpern, Brenda Iijima, J. Townsend, Jules Boykoff, and Thom Donvan for CA Conrad's PhillySound feature (interview, reviews, poetry) of my work; Nicky Tiso for Tarpaulin Sky Reviews; Kevin Killian and Susana Gardner for Attention Span 2010; Mark Wallace for Thinking Again; Sarah Fox for Montevidayo; Joe Milford for staging the audio reading/interview for his Joe Milford Poetry Show; and most recently Susan Smith Nash for PRESS 1. Links to these features are on the links bar to the right under reviews & ordering info-->

4. The collaborative chapbook by CA Conrad and Thom Donovan, Arthur Echo, from Robert Dewhurst's Scary Topiary Press, will be debuted in a couple days in Philly--the 30th. Check out the details here.

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