Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nonsite Collective & SF Camerawork Residency

As announced by David Buuck on his blog, thus reminding me to do same, Nonsite Collective and SF Camerawork have embarked on a 4-month collaborative residency focusing on various questions and problems related to the disappearing commons and commoning, as part of As Yet Untitled: Artists and Writers In Collaboration. The opening was yesterday. If even to check things out in Feb, I hope to participate in this exciting collaboration, but due to living out in WA and, frankly, due to recent personal tragedies, I've been out of the loop on this important work. So, now that things are underway, I'm again excited by tonight's opening, and what's to come for this partnership/set of collaborations, actions, and etc. Go to Nonsite for info about the ideas/problems being wrestled with here, and then head over to SF Camerawork for details about the whole project, aesthetic objects beyond this collaboration that SF Camerawork sponsors, curates, etc.

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