Monday, January 3, 2011

Stephen Vincent's New Haptic Book

Speaking of Stephen Vincent and his haptics--as I did in my thank you note below--got word of Stephen's new codex-like book of Haptics, big & beautiful judging from the photos. Really amazing work. Check out his blog for those photos and a full description of the project. And for the beautiful smaller haptic he did of my Nonsite talk, re the body, Occultations, commoning, I thank him again for that lovely gift of an aesthetic transliteration. Meanwhile, below is mini-description of the book and how it came about--a teaser from his blog:

In December (already last year!) during my Djerassi residency, for several hours each day I roamed up, down, over and around the 500 acres of forests(Redwood, Oak, Pine, Madrone), late fall grass meadows, rocky mountain tops (from which I could see the Pacific Ocean some 10 miles away), deep canyons, and a deep creek filled canyon. Light varied from luminous to the darkest of Redwood forest shades. With me I carried an array of pens and, at the start, a blank accordion fold book. Composed of 46 adjoining panels, each one 3.5 x 11.5″ (vertical).
In advance, without exactly knowing where, I decided go to 20 different sites and make 2 haptic drawings for each site.

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