Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Coupla Late Night Jags

I'm now beginning the process of clearing up some space on the blog, gathering up longer posts, links, etc. So, tonight's new file, now available as pdf for anyone interested, is a draft essay I wrote as part of my talk/discussion on the commons for Nonsite Collective. In reading Amber DiPietra's recent workplace somatic on her blog (my post on this at beginning of the archives), it occurred to me that for those with low vision, my entry on the Nonsite website is quite small, hence would make for difficult reading (my bad in uploading it this way). Less an essay and more a series of questions I'm mulling (and that those in attendance really helped me flesh out) regarding various relationships between commoning or reclamation of public spaces, the body as site(s) of resistance and as potential commons, and both labor organizing and poetry's roles in creating for potentially radical social formations.  Always interested in feedback, so feel free--but do make comments on the Nonsite Collective website, where you can find basically the same essay-thing there. 

Second, just now really digging into the new issue of Con/Crescent, link in a post below. Wow. Such cool essays. Really into Matthias Regan's "Towards a Harmolodic Poetry" right now. As the name might suggest, Regan uses as springboard objectivist theses on prosody, moves from there into the SF poets on same (Projective Verse), then quickly relates this work & Regan's own to experiments in contemporary hip-hop and jazz, close-reading Ornette Coleman on "harmolodics." Really looking forward to closely reading the rest of these pieces on, in one way or another, "music." Including the Thom Donovan-curated series of pieces on poetry and hip-hop. 

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