Sunday, October 3, 2010

Notes to Poetry / Kevin Killian Mini-Review

                           one of 64 images/drawings in Occultations

Many thanks to Kevin Killian for including his mini-review of Occultations as part of his Notes to Poetry from Third Factory. Many thanks to Steve Evans and Third Factory for the feature. Killian remarks, within a very kind review, that I must have given the designers hell in writing Occultations, given the visual work that's part of it. Indeed. I laughed when I read that because of the sheer hair-pulling-out that I caused with the design of the book. Anyway, I also like Killian's list overall. He includes in his 2010 list of short reviews one regarding Steve Farmer's new title, and, exciting to see, Rachel Levitsky's Neighbor. This IS a beautiful, tight, politically charged book of poems. And like Killian, I also think the poets theater piece in it is brilliant. The book in that piece performs its own emergence from (to use Baldwin's phrase) a "submerged being"--submerged, as in subjugated, or: in hiding. Killian also lists among his books Natalie Knight's new title from Punch Press. Archipelagos I need to order, had forgotten it was on its way to publication when I first heard she had a book coming out. Knight and I overlapped by a year at Evergreen--a student of Leonard Schwartz's, she graduated, I think in 2007, and I remember her being very talented, asking good questions during Leonard's seminars/guest poet readings, which I attended.  So, congrats to Knight. And again, thanks much to Kevin & Third Factory for the shout out.

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