Friday, October 8, 2010

A few quick notes

The Black Radish Blog, link below, in addition to a lovely review of Mark Lemoureux's new title Spectre, has also added a side-bar of links to reviews and features of all the titles published thus far: Occultations (full print run to come), Marthe Reeds Gaze, and Spectre. Check out the new digs.
OlyBlog just went live with the announcement of Rachel Zolf's PRESS reading at Evergreen on Friday, October 15, 7pm. Scroll down the posts for details. And join us!
Con/Crescent, the great journal edited by J. Townsend and Nicholas DeBoer just posted a link & synopsis of the PhillySound Feature of Occultations by CA Conrad and friends. Thanks much for the shout-out.

Bookslut interview with Dottie Lasky! Check it out  HERE.

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