Friday, October 1, 2010

Gaburo Rehearsal Excerpts 2

Performance rehearsal of Maledetto, Kenneth Gaburo. To be performed in Nov thru Spring in OR, elsewhere. Schedule (hopefully) to come soon. See post at end of this blog for more on Gaburo & the piece. Enjoy? 


  1. thx! rehearsed yesterday--& i sucked. oh, so little time left too. well, at least it's fun. best to yr fascinating projects...

  2. Please release the schedule when you're ready - i hope your performance can be part of something in the Bay Area!

  3. We certainly will, come late autumn... And I hope I can get to the Bay with this! If not, I will get to the Bay anyhow, Nonsite events, etc, by winter. So, stay tuned. Thanks for yr interest! D