Friday, December 11, 2009

David Buuck: Exercises In Seeing

"Audio guide for one night only exhibition 'Exercises in Seeing' at Queen's Nails Projects in San Francisco, held entirely in the dark. The guide to the works in the show was written by poet/artist David Buuck, without having seen any of the artworks. The exhibition was curated by Post Brothers..."

Both audios are worth checking out (Buuck's text is read both by himself, and by Cassandra Smith).  Differing emphases makes for an interesting juxtaposition of "seeing what is invisible," an embodied metaphor for the artwork itself--Buuck's tour sort of matter of fact yet wondrous, still retaining a wisp of dystopianism even at the nonsite of what might be or could be the sublime, Smith's bringing out a sort of lyric terror as one is the voice bumped in the night by an array of interesting works.  

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