Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Take Two

Woke this morning to two additions to our bi-weekly Wheelhouse contributor notes.  Very cool to see that, among some other juicy books I would like to have, Charles Bernstein has included Rob Halpern's Disaster Suites on his holiday wish list.  Looks like he was reading my No Tell Motel Best Of list (ha).  

Also, Thom Donovan's interview on "seeing" in his Wheelhouse chapbook Make Believe (and in his work generally) has just been published over at ReadWritePoem.  I recommend reading the interview, which really is an archeology of whether Donovan here posits a poetics of vision, as (not unusually) Thom with clarity posits a whole bunch of things that anyone interested in intertextual & visionary poetics should like to read.  If for the simple reason that it's a sort of mini-primer on a well developed poetics, developed enough to get an inside look on how one might, for example, relate seemingly disparate strands, texts, phenomena, weave them together in the poetry-making process.  

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