Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Criticism/Poetry News

Lourdes Vazquez just forwarded a really nice review in Tribes of "A Porcelain Doll...," the chapbook she published with us at Wheelhouse.  In fact, it was our 3rd chapbook, coming out last year. Check the review out here (Spanish)



Great to see that former student, now graduate student at CUNY, Laura Sandez, has published an essay she worked a long time on, the work appearing in LLJournal, available here.  For 2 years she developed both an English language and Spanish language version of this long essay on the Argentine comic strip of the 60s and 70s, Mafalda. The essay is really a study of the strip's subversive tactics, and since writing on Ranceire below, I should note that these fall outside what would be considered dissensus, and necessarily so.  Here, out of political necessity, the art's social critique is layered; overt and light satire masks a coded, more revolutionary message underneath.  In my very under-studied opinion, this is an important citation left subversive art in revolutionary Argentina, and one of the (at the time Sandez was finishing it) few recent essays on Mafalda to be published.  

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