Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fond Memories, & the Fight Goes On


How I wish I was still an organizer at local 2110, UAW.  Tho I was employed as a lead organizer for the international UAW, I worked out of the 2110 offices in NYC, was based there for seven years, helping organize teachers, office professionals, museum workers, bank tellers.  It was an intense seven years of organizing, bargaining, & etc.  Right now, 2110 has 3 outstanding organizing campaigns, campaigns in which the employer is STILL fighting our efforts to SIMPLY AND FAIRLY NEGOTIATE FOR BETTER PAY AND BENEFITS.  Visit Local 2110 and sign petitions in support of Columbia University Teaching & Research Assistants; New York University Teaching Assistants & Lecturers; and the New York Tenement Museum Workers.  All have met fierce resistance, especially teachers at private universities, who, thanks to the Bush administration, have been stripped of legal protections.  Not their right to form a union, but basic protections that all workers USUALLY have in the private sector: freedom to join a union WITHOUT REPRISALS.  Just go to "our workplaces" in the main menu bar, and look at the right-hand column, "organizing campaigns."  Click on those & then take action.  


                                            Columbia teachers strike: 2004


                                                              Columbia teachers strike, 2005


Hey, look, it's Eliot Spitzer 
(I still don't care if he paid for sex)

                                            labor day parade


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