Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wheelhouse Contributor Notes: New PennSound Audio from Emergency Poetry Series: Thom Donovan/Julian Brolaski, etc etc!

Look out for an interview about Wheelhouse Magazine & Press in the next issue of Prick of the Spindle.  Poetry Editor Eric Weinstein and the editorial team were very kind in reviewing Wheelhouse's PRESS Anthology, which, as part of that, entailed interviewing me about the history of the journal and press.  

Just got an amazing short agit-prop from Tina Darragh, which will be featured in our upcoming issue of Wheelhouse. We're happy with how this issue is coming into relief, with contributions from Darragh, Rachel Zolf, Julian Brolaski, Barbara Jane Reyes, Ben Friedlander, Brenda Iijima, and several others--including some wonderful work from poets new to publishing their work.  The agit-prop by Darragh is close to my (enlarged) heart--it's a complex, nuanced but hard-hitting critique of our failing health(care) system, the work taking place and to take place (so to speak) in an E.R. ward.  The work has that sideways, dark humor that I love, and that I think is under-appreciated in Darragh's incredibly varied but always pretty awesome work.


We've received more submissions--several hundred--in this last round than we ever have, so this is slowing us down a bit, tho we plan on releasing this issue basically on time.  Again, if you haven't heard from us, and you submitted work in the last 3 months, give or take a week or so, we're still trying to decide on it and will get back to you soon.

As we do a last round of readings of work, keep in mind that if you're sending us anything now, it'll be considered for issues 10 and 11.  Submissions are, however, open as always.


Phillip Metres has a nice review of the important and inspiring Landscapes of Dissent: Guerilla Poetry & Public Space by Kaia Sand & Jules Boykoff in Jacket.  Along with Laura Elrick's Stalk (see short review below), the book and this fairly comprehensive review, offer us here a good starting place for wider investigations of guerilla poetry and the new (plural) poetics of dissensus.  


Wheelhouse friend Dorothea Lasky has a really good article on spatial/physical practices and museums as proproceptive learning in the latest issue of Urban Ed.  Check it out here.  


From Thom Donovan's Blog (Wild Horses of Fire):

Here is audio from a reading I gave a couple weeks back with Julian Brolaski at Penn's Kelly Writers House. The reading is followed by aconversation in which Julian and I discuss our work in relation to community discourse, "New Brutalism," "composition by breath," biopolitics, and intertextuality.

The conversation is really worth checking out in addition to the awfully f-ing good poetry of Brolaski & Donovan.  

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  1. thanks, as always, for the shout outs David. great to hear that Wheelhouse is thriving! looks like you have a healthy group of submissions for next issue...