Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Anniversary :

Since I, too, have have lived in that upside-down world that causes one to have to "explain" one's sense of the terms "justice," "fact" and "human," why such terms and others have such a distant connection to most Americans' sense of these terms; since I've also been thrust into a weird world where one is forced into bafflement and continual horror at our legal system, and by extension our complicity; and since "I too" is a phrase used so often--there are so, so many of us out there--I figured I'd pass along Christian Peet's recent and annual blog post marking the anniversary of the homophobic / horrific story of his cousin's prison sentence (and hour long trial), who was wrongfully incarcerated in 2005, in part, it now seems, as a result of his sexual orientation. Many of you in the poetry world know this story, but some of you don't. Either way, too close to my sense of the world, which is Christian's, as to want to really think or write much about it, I can't do much more than pass along the links above. Beyond the story itself--which beyond being exemplary of so, so many similar stories--it is, after all, in regard to a human being out there (in there). And, also, the site expresses this by offering us a wealth of online resources in relation to reform of the "justice" system, the penal system, and LGBT rights.


  1. David--Thank you. I sent an email to your Evergreen address. If it's not active, I'm at myfirstandlastname name at gmail.