Friday, June 11, 2010

Occultations Now Available @ SPD, BRB

Hello World.

Having just gotten back from a Bard College faculty meeting, now having gotten to some baseline of health (i.e., returning to a point at which I can concentrate enough to write, work on matters that require me to be at the computer, etc), I'm engaging with the world beyond teaching for the first time in what seems like months.

And I just found out that my book, Occultations, is out! A nice way to get crackin'.

I want to thank SPD for carrying and recommending Occultations, and Black Radish Books for publishing it, and all those, including blurbers, who helped make the book happen (Joan Retallack's new book is also among new SPD releases this month). I received my contributor copies around the same time--a week ago--that SPD did. Really happy with the cover, designed by Susana Gardner. 

So, do feed a hungry poet and get your copy. Oddly, they are selling. So, there's forty-something left. And if you desire to review it, let me know and I'll send you one.

Thanks also to Ron Silliman, Galatea Resurrects, and Tarpaulin Sky Press for giving the book a shout-out. And, of course, to the couple of folks I know who are reviewing the book. And last, to Michael Cross, who not only made a really hot flier for the Nonsite Collective Summer suite of events, one of which is a talk I'll facilitate in July, but for also giving a shout-out on his (very good) blog.

Now recovering, I have 5 pages of emails to respond to, along with a ton of back work in the form of end of semester teaching duties. So, short and sweet. Enjoy the book. And spread the word?

ps: do read Black Radish Book editor Nicole Mauro's really good review of Ana Bozicevic's TSP book (an amazing book on which I wrote a few months ago), Stars of the Night Commute. It's in this (No. 40) Jacket Magazine. 

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