Friday, June 18, 2010

Occultations Reviewed in Jacket 40 & other news...

Just a quick note: Matthew Landis, member of the New Philadelphia Poets (a pretty fabulous collective of socially concerned poets), just reviewed Occultations in this latest issue of Jacket, No. 40.  

First, a heartfelt thanks to Matthew, who I only know thru his very good poetry and criticism (check out a longer cycle of poems in the latest Critphoria, or his new chapbook, or critical work online). The review, like many reviews in Jacket, tho rarer elsewhere, is explorative and generous, doesn't focus just on the book but contextualizes it within contemporary poetry, poetics, sociopolitical landscapes, and thus goes more macroscopic. And I really like how Landis reclaims meaning-making in it, doesn't give you too much analysis (both as a reviewing convention and as a counter-move to his sole complaint about my book--the procedural notes at end). Instead he lays out a poetics and overall arc that I think is rather spot-on--especially as he begins discussing the body as tool of power, i.e., thru Foucault & biopower.  

Ok, so I'll stop here and just say thanks--lest I begin reviewing the review, which, come to think of it, might not be a good concept at all for a future anthology. 

Do read the rest of the growing issue, the last until (the irony wasn't totally lost on me) the journal itself moves over to Philly: work by Michael Cross on Scalapino (amazing), reviews of Nicole Mauro's latest, a fantastic Silliman feature, work on Elrick (by yrs), etc etc. Big, full, juicy.


Also, re Occultations, another thanks to poet-editors Elieen Tabios & Reb Livingston. Tabios listed Occultations as "recommended summer reading" on the No Tell Motel blog, which, as usual, is featuring a process whereby contributors spread word about acts of poetry that otherwise might go unnoticed. The lists are varied and really helpful. Or unhelpful when you are busy and want to read poetry but are busy laboring at other things. But helpful, very helpful. Helpful for us at some point, in the moments we can get our hands on our own and each others' affective labors. Thanks much to both.


Sam Lohmann, Evergreen grad, Wheelhouse contributor, and one of Portland's Spare Roomies, also happens to edit a very fine LETTERPRESSED!!! journal. And the new issue of Peaches and Bats is out. Check it out, some kick-ass contributors:

Peaches and Bats #6 is now available! It's a 64-page handsewn chapbook with a letterpressed cover, featuring adventurous writings by:

Taryn Andrews 
Aaron Barrell
Bill Berkson
Meredith Blankinship
Norma Cole
Beverly Dahlen
Joel Felix
Kim Hyesoon, translated by Don Mee Choi
Rodney Koeneke
Kimberly Lyons 
Joseph Mains
Scott Metz
Hoa Nguyen
Deborah Poe
Dan Raphael
Stacy Szymaszek
Dana Ward
Mark Young

Peaches and Bats #6 is available for $5.00 (including postage in the US). It can be ordered via PayPal at , or by sending a check, payable to Sam Lohmann, to 4025 SE Taylor St., Portland, OR 97214. Back issues are still available. Thanks for your time, and happy summer

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