Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm Famous & Frank Sherlock Wrote a Great Book

I got in the Newspaper! Thanks to the Seattle Times poetry editors for listing Occultations as one of the few titles they list, er, weekly, I think? Anyway, 15 min of fame is now--check. And also to Christian Peet for backchanneling me on picking it out of the Tarpaulin Sky pile and giving it a read-thru. A slog, as they say. I say.


Erica Kaufman, one of my favorite people (I hate that phrase, for the record) and a fascinatingly good poet, author of Censory Impulse (Factory School), is featured this week in the ever growing Elective Affinities Anthology. Kudos to Erica for these poems. And kudos to Carlos Soto-Roman for tirelessly curating the anthology. Since I last posted about the poetries there, the list has grown quite a bit. So when you visit, try to stick around for awhile...


Frank Sherlock just sent me his Over Here (Heretical Texts), which I am LOVING at moment, and for good measure, he threw in Feast Day Gone & Coming out of the wonderful Cy Gist Press. This chapbook is on my to-read list, have heard very good things about it too. Meantime, a page from Over Here, one I'm particularly drawn to quoting at moment:

I love

tainted love

& the gentle 


that keep me

looking up

for now

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