Saturday, June 26, 2010

Portland Poetry Happenings

I feel badly for just now posting this, but David Abel and friends have a wonderful set of events poetry-related going on in Portland this summer (thru the Literary Arts Center). Workshops, readings, performative poetry festival, etc. Do check this out: were I in town I'd be there this weekend trying to figure out where things are (I get lost easily). Once back, I plan to attend the performative poetry festival, at least. Involved are Portland stalwarts David, Kaia Sand, Allison Cobb, Joseph Bradshaw. Event schedule, from Rodney Koeneke's Modern Americans blog:

*THIS* Sat. 6/19:Portland Art Museum for a day of ekphrasis
Sat. 6/26: Old Town (until 1942, Portland
’s Japantown) & Vanport
Sat. 7/17Forest Park (Portland
’s giant urban forest reserve)
Sat. 8/7Alphabetic Portland (
an exploration of the citysalphabetical features—Ankeny, Burnside, Couch, Davis, etc. Could the city have come into existence without the alphabet to hold it together?”)

For more details, and to register, looks like you have to grab a PDF of the catalog at this link, where theres also a number to call .

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